SEO Strategies 2016

SEO Strategies are changing all the time in line thanks to Google’s regular changes. When Google changes its mind about anchor text or keyword density, a responsible SEO company must change what they are doing.

Attributes Required for a Successful Website

An SEO company is well-versed in what works regarding local SEO services. They will evaluate your website from many different aspects to determine the best course of action to be taken. Amongst other things they will analyze the website development, a strength of your presence online, and the quality of your content including metadata (titles and descriptions).


The anchor text that is used for your backlinks in 2013 requires more variety and complexity. You link profile needs to look realistic to ensure a strong presence for your website. It wouldn’t be natural for a high percentage of your backlinks to be your exact keyword, so make sure you get a good variety of anchor text; branded, keyword variations, compound text, generic text, etc

Keyword research is the primary foundation for any website. These keywords define the way in which Internet users search online for content, products, and services. By understanding and anticipating this method, an SEO can understand which keywords the best work for your company.

Keyword Opportunities

Keyword research will usually come up with a variety of great keywords for your business. These keywords can be used to write new content for your services or your blog and, allows you can use this research to make videos which can be uploaded to and embedded on your website. This process can expose your website to a wider audience. It can allow an SEO company to determine user intent when performing Internet searches. This method can be used to gain a competitive edge over other businesses in your industry/niche. An evaluation of your website performance is conducted to establish which sections of your website are the most user-driven.


Optimization of your keywords doesn’t consist of stuffing keywords throughout your website content. It is a more precise strategy. A number of times the keywords appear within the page is of no relevance to optimization. We place these selected keywords within the content title and within the assigned meta tag to optimize your website.


We generate high-quality content for your website. The content is created with the best principles of SEO today and the best options for optimizing your website in mind. These strategies drive more traffic to your website, which means more profits for your company. 

Inbound Links and Off Page Optimisation

Inbound links are links found within other venues that redirect traffic to your website. We utilize these links to allow viewers to find your website indirectly through these venues. Among our options to provide these inbound links is social media.

Social Media

Social media is a major marketing cornerstone. Within social media, you receive traffic due to users liking, commenting, and sharing your website, your unique content, your products, or other information related to your company. We create social media links for your company in which users have the option to explore. These links redirect them to your company website where they can learn more about what you have to offer.

There are a lot of myths about SEO; see what Matt Cutts from Google has to say…

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