Concrete Scanning

When you need to penetrate a concrete structure for installation of utilities or other reasons, you need to accurately determine the position of the reinforcement bars that are always part of a concrete structure. This is where the techniques used in concrete slab scanning can be of enormous help and enable you to pinpoint locations so there are no other problems when undertaking further work.

Concrete scanning can help to locate rebar, conduits, and cables. It can estimate the depth of the slab, detect voids and other utilities. This technology is also very much in use to detect underground facilities and utilities in areas that have been carpeted over by asphalt or concrete or are under open ground. Thus helps to reduce chances of disruption of services. Recently, wrong utility maps led to a major 120-inch water main located 200 feet below ground being damaged by well-drilling equipment. This led to the major disruption of the water supply, major problems in its repair, and other inconveniences that could have been avoided by the use of proper concrete scanning equipment.

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Concrete scanning uses ground penetrating radar to locate and act like an X-ray of the area being served. This enables 2D and3D maps to be obtained at various levels below the scanned surface, which experts can identify easily and give complete reports on the obstructions that any planned action is likely to encounter. Such concrete scanning or ground penetrating radar has also been used in archaeological projects so that objects below the earth and in digs are located, their shapes known and likely depths of excavation required, are known. This allows the archaeologist to plan work to reach artifacts if the scans do show them as something unusual. This radar sends high-frequency sound waves through the surface being scanned and the reflection of these waves back to instruments on the ground acts to provide information of what lies hidden.

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